09:00, Friday 19th June, Cinema 2


Director/Anthropologist: Meredith Dreiss, David Brown
Year of Release:  2014
Duration: 59 mins
Country of Production: USA
Location: USA
Ethnic Group: Mescalero Native Americans
Language: English

Texas-based archaeologists, Meredith Dreiss and David Brown, take the viewer on a 10,000 year-long visual exploration of the symbiotic relationship between agaves and the humans who depended upon them. Agave Is Life, narrated by Edward James Olmos, delves into the ceremonial and sacred importance of this multi-purpose plant, native to the Americas. From the ancient past to the present we learn how agaves became embedded in myth, religion and cultural identity. The film ends with a look to the future as today’s scientists worry about the loss of species and related human folkways- emblematic of the planet-wide sustainability and environmental concerns.

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