19:15, Thursday 18th June, Waterside 3


Director/Anthropologist: Juan Francisco Salazar, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Year of Release:  2015
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Production: Australia/Chile
Location: Antarctic Peninsula
Ethnic Group:
Language: Spanish, English, Japanese, Russian with English

In April 2043, Dr. Xue Noon finds herself stranded in the GAiA International Antarctic Station. As the polar night closes in she connects herself to the Ai-system to scavenge digital memories and archives. Nightfall on Gaia is a speculative ethnographic film that depicts the lives and visions of human communities living in the Antarctic Peninsula. Grounded in ethnographic fieldwork conducted in Antarctica, the film is an experimental meditation on the future of the Antarctic as a new extreme frontier for human inhabitation, the complexities of a fragile planet at the verge of ecological collapse, and the vicissitudes of an uncertain geopolitical future for the region.

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