14:00, Thursday 18th June, Cinema 1

Director/Anthropologist: Thera Mjaaland, Genet Ashebir (Producer)
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 38 mins
Country of Production: Endabaguna & Mayshek, North-Western Tigray Ethiopia
Location: Ethiopia
Ethnic Group: Tigrigna
Language: English

The film was made to disseminate my anthropological research back to the community in Tigray, North-Ethiopia where the research was carried out. The research project took as point of departure the statistical fact that girls have started to outnumber boys both in primary and secondary education, not only in the small market town of Endabaguna in Asgede Tsimbla Wereda, north-western Tigray, but in Tigray region in general. However, despite the legal marriage age for both boys and girls now being 18 in Ethiopia, rural Tigrayan girls who want to continue to secondary school in urban areas are still faced with the challenge of underage marriage. While both girls and boys have equal access to education, the fact that Tigrayan girls still shoulder the burden of sexual morality and that female virginity as a requirement in marriage continues to pass unquestioned, impinge on their success in education. The contribution to anthropology of this research is on change and social reproduction from the perspective of Tigrayan girls.

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