14:00, Thursday 18th June, Cinema 1

Director/Anthropologist: Frode Storaas, Rolf Scott, Getachew Kassa, Getachew Kassa
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 38 mins
Country of Production: Norway
Location: Ethiopia
Ethnic Group: Afar people
Language: Afar with English subtitles

A woman is reported killed. Another case for Hussein? Hussein Haydie has a government position as a Peace and Security officer. His work is to judge whether an incident should be handled as a criminal case by the police or be left as a case to be solved the traditional way by the elders of the clans. The Islamic pastoral Afars inhabit the northeastern rangelands of Ethiopia. Some have settled in towns and trade centers. Many Afars have a foot in both sectors, having a home in town while maintaining close contact with their nomadic relatives.

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