10:30, Tuesday 16th June, Cinema 3

Director/Anthropologist: Isis Contreras
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 20 mins
Country of Production: Mexico
Ethnic Group: Mixe

Fili, a 22-year-old Mixe, makes ornamental paper hot air balloons. Since this is an important tradition in his community, Fili —an expert in the art— is recognized and accepted. Yet, he is rejected because he is also a skater. The balloons that Fili makes are a metaphor of the fusion between tradition and innovation. Not only he himself is a hybrid of traditions and external influences, but also he uses both traditional and digital techniques to make his balloons. Thanks to this, Fili has managed to build more sophisticated balloons, which he has taken to different competitions in festivals around the world. The documentary shows the sometimes head-spinning change produced by the interaction of a community’s traditions with the world around it.

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