CAMPO 9 # 126

10:30, Tuesday 16th June, Cinema 3

Director/Anthropologist: Carlos R. Rivero Uicab
Year of Release: 2013
Duration: 25 mins
Country of Production: Mexico
Location: Campeche
Ethnic Group: Mennonites

Carlos, the director of the documentary, worked for four years with Abraham and his family of Mennonites who have lived in the Campeche region for over a decade. Abraham mainly worked cutting down trees to produce charcoal. The Mayan community, which does not agree with tree felling, finally put a stop to it. The Mennonites were once apprehensive and afraid of the Mayans, just as the Mayans were afraid of them. Today, these two very different cultures live in peace. This documentary portrays the Mennonites’ way of life from the point of view of a Mayan director.

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