09:00, Tuesday 16th June, Cinema 1 and Cinema 2

Director/Anthropologist: Karen Marks, Mafundikwa
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 83 mins
Country of Production: Jamaica
Location: Jamaica, West Indies, London, Bristol and Liverpool
Ethnic Group: Rastafari, African-Jamaican people
Language: English, Jamaican patois with English subtitles

In 2002, Queen Elizabeth II visited Jamaica for her Golden Julibee Celebrations. While there she was petitioned by a group of Rastafari for slavery reparations. For Rastafari, reparations is linked to a desire to move to Africa, the homeland of their African ancestors, brought to Jamaica as slaves. The film traces this petition, as well as a reparations lawsuit filed against the Queen. It explores the stories of earlier Rastas who pursued reparations in the 1960s, and who undertook a historic mission to Africa. Filmed over a decade, it explores the impact of slavery and the movement for reparations led by Jamaica’s Rastafari.

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