20:00, Wednesday 17th June, Waterside 3

Director/Anthropologist: San San F Young, National Film and Television School
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 39 mins
Country of Production: UK/ Philippines
Location: Manila
Ethnic Group: Filipino, Manila and Olongapo people
Language: Tagalog (filipino) and English with English subtitles

When filming those in crises in the developing world, what can that footage mean to them? By bringing it back, can it help? In 2007 four young boys were imprisoned in the Philippines; children jailed for crimes ranging from loitering to murder. I was there as they were pulled out. Over the years I filmed these four boys: Jordan, Erickson, Joseph and Jeremiah, as they returned home to their lives, hoping to rebuild. This year I went back one last time to look for the boys; I wanted to see what had happened to them. This films asks what happens after the trauma; long after we as western filmmakers would normally have left.

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