11:00, Wednesday 17th June, Cinema 3

Director/Anthropologist: Lana Askari
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 26 min 43 sec
Country of Production: UK
Location: Netherlands, Iraqi Kurdistan
Ethnic Group: Kurds
Language: Kurdish, Dutch, English

After having lived in the Netherlands for over 20 years my parents, Gulzar and Shwan, decided to return to Kurdistan. Escaping the Iraqi regime as refugees in the early 90s, Iraqi Kurdistan has recently developed into a regional safe-haven. However, with current tensions around the threat of the Islamic State (IS), the social and political landscape is changing drastically. In Haraka Baraka, I follow my parent’s return to their homeland whilst addressing notions of belonging, transnationalism, temporality and (re)imagining future horizons.

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