09:00, Thursday 18th June, Cinema 2

Director/Anthropologist: Irene Loebell
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 99 mins
Country of Production: Switzerland/South Africa
Ethnic Group:
Language: English, Sotho, Zulu with English subtitles

In a rundown township near Johannesburg, three youngsters from troubled backgrounds are right in the middle of the great adventure of coming of age. All members of the dance group Taxido, their days are filled with rehearsals and performances. In Jerry, founder of the troupe in spite of his frightful past, the youngsters find the guidance lacking from their upbringings. But then the youngsters start to rebel when other interests take hold… Following the lives of three adolescents over a period of four years, Life in Progress provides a deeper understanding of current social and cultural change in urban post-apartheid township.

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