11:00, Friday 19th June, Cinema 3

Director/Anthropologist: Hugo Zemp
Year of Release: 2015
Duration: 70 mins
Country of Production: France
Location: Switzerland
Ethnic Group: Swiss
Language: English, Swiss German dialect, with English subtitles

Thirty years after the first four documentaries, this film continues the research of the particular yodel style of the Muotatal, a Swiss alpine valley. In the 1980s, ethnomusicologist Hugo Zemp found the traditional local performance style dying out, in contrast to the normative aesthetics of official folklore choirs directed by conductors. A 7-year old boy, filmed in 1983 singing with his parents, started as a teenager to sing rock (which he still continues), but after watching the documentaries, he took over tradition and founded a yodelling group. This film shows performances in various situations, and informal conversations between the singers.

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