LAPAN # 224

13:00, Friday 19th June, Cinema 2

Director/Anthropologist: Renagi Taukarai, University of Goroka, Verena Thomas
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 26 mins
Country of Production: Papua New Guinea
Location: Papua New Guinea
Ethnic Group: Papua New Guinean
Language: Tok Pisin, English with English subtitles

Lapan is a film about Miriam Potopi, one of the first female village magistrates in Papua New Guinea. Miriam’s charismatic personality, her understanding of cultural laws and protocols as well as the challenges she confronts as a female village magistrate are captured in Lapan. The film provides the audience with an understanding of the village court system unique to Papua New Guinea and the role Miriam plays as a leader in her community and beyond.

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