Eleven in Delwara # 52

11:00, Wednesday 17th June, Cinema 2

Director/Anthropologist: Khalid Hussein, Kiran Khartik, Kundan Talwar, Mayank Ved, Minish Prajapet, Mumta Prajapet, Puja Prajapet, Shaied Mohammed, David MacDougall
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 52 mins
Country of Production: Australia
Location: Delwara, Rajasthan
Ethnic Group: Rajasthani people
Language: Mewari with English subtitles

This compendium film presents the work of eight young filmmakers from the village of Delwara in southern Rajasthan, India. The eleven-year olds took part in a video workshop at their local government primary school. One film was made jointly by all the children, exploring the life of their village, and two films by individuals. The first concerns the family of a girl, Kiran, who herds goats. The second is by Mayank, a boy whose father is a barber in the village. It provides an affectionate portrait of his father and gives insights into the day-to-day home life of his family.

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