11:00, Wednesday 17th March, Cinema 1

Director/Anthropologist: Pip Deveson, Fred Myers, Ian Dunlop
Year of Release: 2014
Duration: 57 mins
Country of Production: Australia
Location: Central Australia
Ethnic Group: Pintupi people
Language: English and Pintupi with English subtitles


In 1974 filmmaker Ian Dunlop visited Yayayi, a remote outstation where Pintupi people had moved to escape the pressures of life at the larger settlement of Papunya. Yayayi has long since been abandoned and Dunlop never made a film with the material he shot there.

In this film, Pintupi elder Marlene Nampitjinpa and Ian Dunlop revisit the Yayayi footage with anthropologist Fred Myers. They look back at a time when Pintupi were struggling to take control of their destiny.

Remembering Yayayi gives access to both the original filming encounter and the significance that archival images have for Indigenous people today.


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