Urbanisation, Tourism and Change

Anthropology is increasingly being recognised by NGOS and government bodies such as an invaluable means of gathering local knowledge. These films explore some of the topics around Urbanisation, Tourism and Change.

The Marble Village - A portrait of those left behind in a rural village in Romania that has been largely abandoned due to urbanisation.

Vultures of Tibet - A private burial ritual of Tibetan dead is becoming a tourist attraction through the increasing power of Chinese Modernisation.

Tracks Across Sands: Overture - After reclaiming back their a portion of their land, San Bushmen relate what the land and this new history has meant for them.

Rain in the Mirror  - Follows Sonam’s journey to manhood through the conflicting milieus of tradition and modernity in India.

Lon Marum: People of the Volcano - The relationship between indigenous knowledge and modern science at the scene of one of the World's most active volcanoes.

Cotton for my Shroud - Cotton-growing farmers in India relationship with nature is threatened by commercial and mercenary interests, it plays havoc in their lives.

Caught up in the Net - The struggle between Porto Formoso's fishing community who need new infrastructure and those support the port's natural beauty, and therefore its tourist potential.

Rockerill - Rekindling the Fire - Saved from demolition, ‘les Forges de la Providence’, has been turned into a symbol of renaissance and rehabilitation.

Yanomami: From Machetes to Mobile Phones - As the outside world encroaches into Yanomami land, the tension between these two worlds is revealed through the reconciliation between traditions and a new attraction to commoditiesl.

God is a Liar: Tradition and Change in Turkana - Nomadic pastoralists have seen many changes in their relationship with the environment, caused by God and outsiders who challenge their self-reliance.

Man Vila -The film follows a families struggle against the booming tourism economy in Vanuatu that is threatening their lifestyle and social habits.

Orania - The 800 white Afrikaners who inhabit Orania are striving to create a "cultural homeland" outside of the post-apartheid transformation of a new South Africa from which it feels under threat.

The Whistling Village -Due to difficult terrain and its remoteness, Kuskoy has a long tradition of whistling as a means of communication which has managed to survive despite powerful challenges from modern technology. 

Reflection - A Brazilian death cult battles to safeguard a strict code of rules and ethics in the 21st century.

Voices from the Tundra - With only two elderly Yukagirs still master the full skill of their language, this film offers an intimate portrait to try and keep it alive.

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The festival will be held from Thursday 13 June to Sunday 16 June 2013 in Edinburgh, hosted by National Museums Scotland and the STAR consortium. Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) is a collaboration between the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Over 60 new films will be screened alongside a conference 'New Observations' and a selection of special events and workshop about art & anthropology and the use of archival film.

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