Films exploring different tribes, communities, traditions and modern changes occurring in African countries.

South Africa:

Tracks Across Sands: Overture - An overview of how the reclaimation of land in southern Kalahari originated and what it has meant to the Bushman communities at its centre.

The Sisterhood - Confronts gender issues through three transgender wine workers in South Africa.

The Price of Death - Explores the contemporary 'Price of Death' through a family run funeral service business in Cape Town.

Orania - A community of White Afrikaans who strive to stay ethnically exclusive from the threat of new South Africa.

Bay of Plenty - The socio-political struggle between Durban Fishermen and the muncipality in the shadow of the FIFA World Cup 2012.

Slow Walker - Bourne out of the Apartheid, Isicathamiya is an expressive tool for low class Black South Africans.


The Nightmare of a Belief - After studying Film in Germany, Filmmaker Samuel Loe returns home to Cameroon to explore the topic of witchcraft.

Europaland: A Journey into Popular Cameroonian Imagination - Explores the conflicting views held by young Cameroonians on Europe.

DR of Congo

The Yayas de l'Elegance - Originally from the Congo, the Sapeur’s main goal is to travel to Paris, the accepted capital of thier elegant fashion.

Swimming in Space - The film explores different perspectives of problems anchored in the social, political and economic life of Lubumashi, DRC.


God is a Liar: Tradition and Change in Turkana - Insight into the importance of the indigenous knowledge of semi-nomadic pastoralists in Turkana.

Only Three Cents - A series of ethnographic vignettes on youth unemployment, connected through their association with the private “matatu” bus enterprise.


When Spirits Ride the Horses - The film portrays the relationship between a lady and the Zar spirits she has devoted her life to.


There is Nothing Wrong with my Uncle - An exploration into Tarok land to observe local death rituals and to record the Tarok ways of dealing with grief and honouring the departed.

Sierra Leone:

Shooting Freetown - Follows three people forging their way in film and music in the nation's capital, facing the constant struggles with vision and resourcefulness.


Djeneba - the lifeworld of a Minyanka woman of southern Mali - A documentary about everyday life in rural Mali from a woman’s point of view.

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Organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland (RAI) since 1985, it is an itinerant festival that moves biennially from one university host to another, in association with local community and cultural organisations.

The festival will be held from Thursday 13 June to Sunday 16 June 2013 in Edinburgh, hosted by National Museums Scotland and the STAR consortium. Scottish Training in Anthropological Research (STAR) is a collaboration between the Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St. Andrews. Over 60 new films will be screened alongside a conference 'New Observations' and a selection of special events and workshop about art & anthropology and the use of archival film.

The RAI Film Festival is held in collaboration with the Center for Visual Anthropology, University of Southern California.

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