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The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that the following Film Prizes have been awarded at the 12th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film, London, 23rd - 26th June 2011.

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11th RAI Film Festival, 2009
CTCC, Leeds Metropolitan University

10th RAI Film Festival, 2007
GCVA, The University of Manchester

7th RAI Film Festival, 2000
SOAS, University of London


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During the festival, 11 films about India will be screened. The films observe life in different areas of India, from Gujarat, to Kolkata and covers topics from women’s rights, to religious ceremonies, and mental health. The arts and music of India are explored, delving in to weaving and honoring the art of the Kutch artisans.
A Looming Past – About the lives and craft of traditional coarse blanket weavers in a small southern Indian village in Karnataka State, Yaravarahalli.
A Two Day Fair – The film is a two day journey into the music and every day life of an uncle-nephew duo, set against the backdrop of the Rann, Gujarat.
Awareness – Filmed in South India at Rishi Valley School, founded by the 20th Century Indian thinker Krishnamurti, the film explores the sensibilities of two groups of young Indian teenagers.
Despair / Hope – This film is set in the oldest red light district: Kolkata, India. It follows the life of Puja, who has a very difficult relationship with her mother.
Drugs & Prayers – The film documents exchanges between different actors at the Sufi shrine, listens to the stories of afflicted persons and their diverse views on the presumed causes of mental illness and the benefit of medicine and ritual practices.
Pink Saris – Pink saris are worn by the Gulabi Gang, a group of women vigilantes in Northern India. From the untouchable caste, they resist being condescended to as the lowest social class.
Ritual Journeys – The film is an intimate portrait of Merayk, an 80 years old Lepcha shaman, or Padim, in Sakkim, India.
The Golden Beach – A small group of farmers belonging to the Halakki Gowda tribe live near a small beach in southern India.
The Lover and the Beloved – A film about one man’s journey across northern India and his search for enlightenment.
The Poojari’s DaughterThe Poojari's Daughter weaves dramatic footage of rituals and temple life at Paandi Kooyil.
The Stiches Speak – An animated documentary which celebrates the art and passion of the Kutch artisans associated with Kala Raksha.