120 Vasile Nedea

Vasile Nedea (120)

09:00, Saturday 04th July, Theatre B

  • Director: Sjoerd van Grootheest (NET)
  • Year: 2009
  • Run time: 42'

…tells the story of Vasile Nedea, a Romanian gypsy musician in Amsterdam. While traveling through Western Europe there have been times in which he was forced to show his skills whilst busking in the streets. However, his extraordinary talent has not remained unrecognised, as he is currently playing the Netherlands’ and Western Europe’s most famous concert halls. The film takes the audience on a journey through the diverse musical world of Vasile Nedea during a transitional period on his road to success.

The film has a focus on the workings of identity in different contexts and the power of “the image” and its “inherent expectations” are further explored. Vasile’s own personal history – and that of many of his “busking colleagues” – have played part in the somewhat stigmatized image of many Eastern European musicians in the Netherlands. The film shows how Vasile is time and again confrontated with the marginal image he was once to be identified with, but is surely outgrowing at present. Expectations from his audience force to “present the self”.

Following an observational cinematographic style, it allows the viewer to travel along with Vasile to witness some of the encounters he has in numerous different musical settings. It also tries to stimulate the viewer to think about his or her own image of “the other” and to leave the viewer realising his views might have shifted somewhat during this fourty minutes of this anthropological and music minded documentary.


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