3 Morokapel's Feast

Morokapel's Feast (3)

14:00, Thursday 02nd July, Theatre B


  • Director: Steffen Köhn, Felix Girke (GER)
  • Year: 2006
  • Run time: 26'
  • Format: mini DV, PAL

The film tells the story of a hunt and its repercussions in the land of the Kara, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Morokapel, a young man from the village Chellehte, has succeeded in killing a leopard, which had been attacking the livestock, with a self-made trap. He hands over the magnificent leopard skin to his mother-brother Samo in the village Labuk, who then holds for him a hunting ritual, a mirt, which endows Morokapel with fame and a new status. The film-makers follow Morokapel and his companions during these festivities, which take a surprising turn the morning after the ceremony: A discussion breaks out, in which Morokapel’s supporters try to deny Samo the right to the valuable trophy through bending and re-interpreting of ritual rules.

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