RAI Film Festival 2009

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The 11th RAI Festival was jointly hosted by the Centre for Tourism & Cultural Change and the Northern School Film, Television and Performing Arts at Leeds Metropolitan University, with The Louis Le Prince Centre for Cinema, Photography and Television at the University of Leeds

The festival was held on Wednesday July 1st – Saturday July 4th, 2009 at the 'Rose Bowl' building at Leeds Metropolitan University, in central Leeds (download a campus map here: MAP).

The festival included 4 days of screenings, followed by a major international conference, and a series of workshops and panels focusing on anthropological ethics in filmmaking, salvaging and archiving ethnographic film.


RAI Film Prize

Bury the Hatchet. Aaron Walker, 2009, 84 mins, USA.


Basil Wright Film Prize

Balkan Rhapsodies. Jeff Silva. 2008, 55 mins, USA.


Wiley-Blackwell Student Film Prize

Sermiligaaq 65º54’N, 36º22’W. Anni Seitz, Sophie Elixhauser, 2008, 64 mins, Germany.

Commendations: Enet Yapai - an Ambonwari Girl. Daniela Vávrová. 2008, 25 mins, Slovenia.Black Mountain. Charlotte Whitby-Coles, Amin Hajee. 2008, 84 mins, UK/India.


Material Culture and Archaeology Film Prize

Umiaq Skin Boat. Jobie Weetaluktuk, 2008, 32 mins, Canada.
Je ne suis pas moi-même. Alba Mora, Anna Santamaria, 2009, 50 mins, Spain.


Intangible Culture Film Prize (Music - Dance - Performance)

Bury the Hatchet. Aaron Walker, 2009, 84 mins, USA.

Commendations: Firekeepers. Rosella Ragazzi, Britt Kramvig,  2007, 57 mins, Norway.
Vasile Nedea. Sjoerd van Grootheest, 2009, 43 mins, The Netherlands.


Wallflower Press Audience Film Prize

The Meaning of Life. Hugh Brody, 2008, 82 mins, Canada.

Pre-festival screenings at the Hyde Park Picture House

From May 12th and every Tuesday evening until the festival, Leeds's own historic Art House Cinema will be screening the best of previous prize winners. Film-makers will be there to introduce the films and answer questions, thanks to a lottery grant from Screen Yorkshire. If you're in the region, why not come along to see the 8-Greats at the Hyde Park Picture House. Follow the link for programme and details.

Film Prizes

Films will be considered for the following:

  • Royal Anthropological Institute Prize
  • Basil Wright Film Prize
  • Wiley-Blackwell Student Film Prize
  • Material Culture & Archaeology Film Prize
  • Intangible Culture Film Prize

More details can be found about the prizes here

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About this Festival

Sponsored by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain & Ireland (RAI) since 1985, it is an itinerant festival that moves biennially from one university host to another, in association with local community and cultural organisations.

The festival was held from Wednesday July 1st to Saturday July 4th 2009, and included over 50 hours of screenings of new films, a major international conference, and a targeted selection of events focusing on anthropological ethics in filmmaking, youth participatory film, and archiving ethnographic film.

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