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Royal Anthropological Institute

The Royal Anthropological Institute is a registered non-profit charity based in London. Founded in 1843, it is the world’s longest established scholarly association dedicated to the furtherance of anthropology in its broadest sense. It has a particular commitment to promoting the public understanding of anthropology and the contribution of anthropology to public affairs. It gives awards for outstanding scholarship, organises lectures, meetings and manages a number of trust funds for research.

The RAI publishes two journals, Anthropology Today and Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute. These circulate throughout the world, with about 70% of subscriptions from outside the UK. It also contributes to the Library of the Centre for Anthropology at the British Museum (launching the Anthropological Index On-line in 1997). It holds extensive manuscript and textual archives.

Film and Photography

The RAI has long been by far the most important academic supporter of anthropological film and photography in the UK. In addition to sponsoring the Film Festival, it has a film library which may be consulted at its headquarters at 56 Fitzroy St, London, not far from Euston Station. As well as the library service, the RAI also operates both a national film loan service and an international film sales service. In total, the library and loan services hold about 300 titles (150 on film, the other 150 on video), whilst the sales service draws on approximately 200 titles, mainly intended to be used for teaching. The RAI also holds a highly valuable collection of early anthropological photographs.

The Film Committee, comprising both internationally recognised professional film-makers and leading academic anthropologists, oversees all film activities. The current Chair is André Singer, director of Westpark Pictures, an independent production company and also the holder of an anthropology doctorate from Oxford.

For further on their audio-visual activities, please visit the RAI website or get in touch with the RAI Film Officer


From the Making of an Englishman to the Last King of Scotland

Kevin MacDonald In Conversation

Opening Night - Wed 27 June

Castaways Projects

On Sunday 1st of July, the author Caryl Phillips will do a reading and take part in a lunchtime discussion with anthropologist Steven Feld and the artist Virginia Ryan, about their exhibition 'Castaways' which is being staged at the Whitworth art gallery. Read more

Film Festival Programme!

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Beyond Text Conference

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