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Incorporating the RAI biennial Film Prize and the University of Kent Ethnographic Film Festival
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th November 1996


Film Prize Screenings

The 5th International Festival of Ethnographic Film will take place from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th November 1996. The Festival Programme comprises an exciting range of Film Screenings and Conference Events and Special Events centred around the Royal Anthropological Institute's biennial film prize competition.

From over 100 ethnographic films submitted from all over the world, the Institute has short-listed 19 senior films and 9 student films for three senior prizes and a student video prize. The prizes will be adjudicated by an international panel: Dr.Suzette Heald (Lancaster University, Chair), Melissa LLewelyn Davies (Independent film-maker), Marc Piault (EHESS, Paris). These films plus a selection of the best films not short-listed will be screened throughout the three days of the festival in three film theatres. All the prize entries will be available for viewing in the Festival Video library. Special screening sessions will focus on themes of contemporary interest in anthropology: 'Guests and Guides' explores filmic representations of the categories of tourist, traveller and anthropologist; 'On the Edge of Life' discusses new anthropological films about death, mortuary rites and bereavement through a range of cultures; religion and belief are represented in a set of outstanding films on this topic of lasting anthropological interest; new films on migration develop a theme central to contemporary research agendas; and a final session concentrates on films about music and song. Another half-day event will involve ethnographic documentary makers from China.

The Festival's Conference events take the opportunity to develop debates on the relationships between Anthropology and Television on the one hand, and Photography on the other. The full range of other festival events will be available to registered conference participants and the Conference on Ethnography, Photography and Visual Representations is linked to an Anthropological Photographic Exhibition organised at the University of Kent. The third Conference Event is about filming in the Rainforest combines the special expertise of Kent's anthropologists with the world of ethnographic film to explore issues about filming rainforest peoples and thus continuing an important discourse on the potential impact and roles of ethnographic film. Other events include the Stirling Lecture, established in 1994 in honour of Professor Paul Stirling of UKC which will in 1996 be delivered by Paul Henley. The next meeting of the newly formed Visual Anthropology Network of the EASA will also take place during the Film Festival.

The Festival is completed with three receptions hosted on Friday and Saturday nights by the RAI and on Sunday by UKC. A display of fireworks has been organised by the University of Kent and the RAI Prize awards and reception on Saturday night will be followed by a World Music Disco.

Up to 40 films entered for the RAI prizes will be screened in 2 parallel programmes. In 1996 the prizes will be: RAI Film Prize, Basil Wright Film Prize and JVC Professional Student Video Prize; plus a new prize for films on Material Culture and Archaeology.

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