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Incorporating the RAI biennial Film Prize and the University of Kent Ethnographic Film Festival
Friday 8th - Sunday 10th November 1996


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Video Library

Friday 8th - Sunday 10th November

All films entered in VHS (PAL) for pre-selection for the Prizes, whether or not finally selected for screening will be available for viewing in a Video Library. Participants may also bring other films in VHS (PAL) and deposit them in the Video Library for the duration of the Festival

The Stirling Lecture

Sunday 10 November

This lecture has been instituted to recognise and celebrate Paul Stirling�s unique contribution to Social Anthropology in general and at the University of Kent in particular. Paul Stirling was the founder of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Kent in 1965, basically creating Social Anthropology by fiat. He is the author of The Turkish Village (1967) which describes his fieldwork between 1947 and 1953. Most of his career has been dedicated to the study of rapid social change in both Turkey and Italy. Currently Paul is working on a number of research projects in the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing, including a hypermedia compendium of his fieldwork, photographs, publications and segments of his Open University TV series on The Turkish Village. The Stirling Lecture to be delivered by Dr.Paul Henley, Director of the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester. Provisional title: Now is the time for Visual Anthropology

Rainforest conference

Sunday 10 November

One day conference entitled: Of Rainforests, Films and Forest Peoples. The conference will explore issues relating to:


1) Filming in the rainforest.

2) Does filming the rainforest and rainforest peoples help them?

3) Issues in self-representation.

Enquiries, conference abstracts and film synopses to:
Laura Rival, Eliot College, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NS.

Tel: +44 (0)1227 764000, Ext. 3148;
Fax. +44 (0)1227 827289;

E-mail: Laura Rival

Photography in Ethnographic Research and Representation

Friday 8th - Saturday 9th November

Photography, Ethnography and Visual Representation This Conference Event explores the multi-stranded links between ethnography and photography by focusing on the research process, image as material culture and representation. These three interdependent dimensions of the interweaving of ethnography and photography are represented in three conference sessions: Ethnographer as Photographer : Photographer as Ethnographer begins on Friday evening, with a 'bi-lingual' English/Spanish session, and continues on Saturday morning, followed by the second session Other People's Images: Images and Otherness, finally Representation in Ethnography: Ethnography in Representation takes us up to the close of the Conference Event on Saturday Evening. The speakers bring various personal and disciplinary standpoints to discuss the theory and practice of photography in anthropological, social and cultural studies. Researchers from different countries and disciplines have made photographing and photography an integral element of their work. Colleagues from Spain join us introducing new work and simultaneously represting the exciting steps visual anthropology is taking in Madrid. A further dimension is added by participants who have previously not situated their work in a 'visual anthropology'. Issues of representation, subjectivity and social relations of cultural production that social scientists are working with are shared by photographers and artists. The atmosphere will be multidisciplinary drawing from anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, museum ethnography, tourism, education, photography and history. The visual materials upon which the papers focus have been selected from research collections, published works, exhibition, personal collections, historical archives and digital media. The anthropological photography exhibition housed in the Rutherford Panopticon Gallery and organised by Glenn Bowman of the University of Kent works in tandem with the Conference by including work directly linked to some of the conference papers, as well as other work of anthropological interest. Photography, Ethnography and Visual Representation is sponsored by the Journal: Self, Agency and Society. The editors, at the Centre for Social Research, University of Derby, would be pleased to receive submissions which develop the above or related themes. Enquiries and conference abstracts to:
Sarah Pink, School of Education and Social Science, University of Derby, Mickleover, Derby, UK.

Tel: 01332 622222 Ext.2099;
Fax: 01332 514323;

E-mail: Sarah Pink

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